Prix Galien Italia 2021

On 29 October 2021 Springer Healthcare Italia released the official video of the 29th year of the Prix Galien Italy, the international award dedicated to innovation in the field of drugs, medical devices and – from this year – Digital Medicine and Therapeutics.

The 2021 edition had the highest number of applicants, with 16 companies and 25 products. 44 researchers applied for the research prize, a special grant Springer Healthcare offers to young scientists.

This is a link to the video released on 29 October (in Italian).

Award winners and special mentions include vaccines against Ebola, gene and home therapies against SMA, agnostic therapies for lung cancer. In addition, in the field of innovative medicines, also orphan drugs to treat skin cancers and rare immune-based diseases, monoclonal antibodies to treat breast cancer were shortlisted.

For the newly launched category Digital therapeutics & Medicine, the winner was a device made up of wearables integrated with software applications, for the treatment of diabetes type 1. Digital Therapeutics are the new frontier of clinical research, with evidence coming directly from randomized clinical trials. Digital Therapeutics intend to complement (or even replace) pharmaceutical interventions and are not to be intended exclusively for screening or monitoring, as other types of digital health solutions, as mentioned also in a Nature article Patel, N.A., Butte, A.J. Characteristics and challenges of the clinical pipeline of digital therapeutics. npj Digit. Med. 3, 159 (2020)

For medical devices, the winner was a soft exoskeleton for patients with motor slowdowns. The Medical Devices Category was presented and awarded on 28 October during a plenary session of the inaugural ceremony of the 49th Conference of the Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, just after the official presentation of the Governor of the Lombardy Region. 

The Prix Galien Italy committee includes 18 thought leaders, with pharmacologists, researchers, clinicians and biomedical engineers who assessed all applications pro bono

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