Galien Award Italy For Drug Innovation And Medical Devices
Call 2021

Springer Healthcare Italia is pleased to announce the call of the Galien Award Italy 2021. This edition includes the following categories for which applications may be submitted:

  1. Chemical Synthesis Drug Award
  2. Biological drug Award
  3. Immunologic drug Award
  4. Real-World Evidence (RWE) Award
  5. Orphan Drug Award
  6. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) Award
  7. Award for Medical Devices/Technologies (in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine)
  8. Award for Digital Medicine & Therapeutics

» Call for applications – Prix Galien 2021 

» Annex A (drugs) – Prix Galien 2021 

» Annex B (devices) – Prix Galien 2021 

» Annex C (digital) – Prix Galien 2021 

Deadline for applications:

  • April 15 for drugs (categories 1-6) and Digital Medicine & Therapeutics (category 8)
  • June 30 for Medical Devices / Technologies (category 7)

For further information in English on Prix Galien in the US, please refer to

For the UK

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